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Our vision, when it comes to hair transplantation, is to obtain the most natural result possible.
After her specialization in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at the University of Rome La Sapienza Dr. Insalaco spent two years in the US working side by side with Dr. Cole learning the most innovative techniques in order to bring them to Italy.
With Dr. Cole’s experience of over twenty years performing surgical hair restoration with a history of consistently excellent results, our reputation allows us to offer an exclusive worldwide guarantee.

Our Team

Dott.ssa Chiara Insalaco

Chirurgia Calvizie - M.D., pH.D

Our clinics are well known for the creation of natural hairlines, as we place exclusively single grafts on the frontal hairline in order to avoid the so-called “doll’s hair effect”. Such an effect can be often noticed in the results created with so-called “modern” methods by other clinics.
Another important aspect we take into consideration is the accurate evaluation of the donor area before the patient undergoes the procedure.
Every day in our clinics we welcome more and more patients with destroyed donor areas that are asking for solutions to their problems. In such cases, there aren’t many options available and the few options that are possible are extremely difficult to perform.
During the first visit the patient undergoes a precise calculation of follicular units/cm2, number of hairs/cm2, average number of hairs/follicular unit and hair diameter. This helps us make an estimate of the total number of follicular units and individual hairs in the donor area in order to calculate the right percentage we can harvest from that patient. This is essential to avoid the depletion of the donor area, which would jeopardize the possibility of more procedures in the future should they be needed.

Furthermore, we carry out the hair mass index study, which is given by number of hairs + their diameter.
This test is fast and safe and it gives us the opportunity to predict the hair loss progression and monitor this progression in an objective and scientific manner. We can also measure the reaction to hair loss therapies and to any surgical interventions that might be undertaken as well.
The evaluation of the donor zone is essential to protect its integrity and to help plan the best hair transplant outcome possible.
Lastly, we focus on the recipient area, considering especially the following elements: direction, angulation, appropriate density.
The combination of these three elements leads to a successful result.

Our clinics are based in Italy and in the USA, in Atlanta, Miami and Rome.
Our doctors personally carry out all the steps of the surgical aspects of your procedure without delegating any medical duties to the nursing staff.

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