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61-year-old patient

History of baldness: 17 years ago about Strip transplant in Italy of the first line and frontal area, with mediocre result.

Patient’s request: Crown transplant.

Day of operation: Fue transplantation with CIT® technique of 2000 Follicular Units.

Partially shaved hair transplant (Shaved donor area, unshaved receiving area).

Punch used: 0.95 mm Cole Instruments Serrated Punch; depth 2.8 mm

Comments: Presence of Strip scar in the donor area.

Result: The result shown is partial at 7 months.

Growth is going very well, it will continue up to 1 year.

The patient is very happy, especially with the naturalness of the transplant.

He booked the second thickening transplant of the first line and frontal area.

The patient decided not to take any medical therapy.




shaved donor

after 2000 grafts extraction


7 months post ht


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