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Repair Case

38-year-old patient

Long hair transplant

Result at 7 months

Patient history:

At the age of 26 years transplantation Strip (in another foreign structure) for the thickening of the first line with about 900 UF

Complications: First line low, straight, asymmetrical and with Plugs (very large and fake follicular units with doll effect) in the first line and over the years progression of baldness with retraction of the gulfs.

Surgical proposal by Dr. Insalaco

– I removal of plugs from the first line

– The intervention at a distance of at least 3 months, with reconstruction of the first line, gulfs and frontal area

Patient request:

The patient for reasons of work and presentability in public asks to perform first the thickening of the thinned areas and then, after the results obtained, remove the Plugs from the first line.

Technical comments:

Donor area with thick and long strip scar, therefore limited number of UFs to be removed

Dr. Kevin explains to the patient that the fake effect of the first line can be reduced with the new transplant but not completely removed until the plugs are surgically removed from the first line.

The transplant was performed with long hair

The punch used by Cole Instruments of 95 mm, 2.8 mm depth of sampling (CIT technique)

Follicular Units tot= 2500

Result shown at 7 months

At 12 months the pz will perform a second surgical removal of the Plugs and thickening of the I line.







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