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Hair Loss

Hair loss affects millions of people all over the world. According to the American Hair Loss Association hair loss affects two thirds of all men by the age of 35.

Alopecia can be classified as:

NON SCARRING ALOPECIA (Androgenic Alopecia)

The term itself helps us distinguish the features of these types of alopecia. Scarring alopecia indicates some types of hair loss usually linked to autoimmune causes, in which hair loss is followed by the creation of scarring tissue. Traumas, accidents or burns are also some of the causes of scarring alopecia.
The most common non scarring alopecia is androgenic alopecia, characterized by the progressive hair miniaturization. Hairs get thinner and thinner, shorter and less pigmented with each subsequent growth cyle in the follicle’s life.


For years our mission is to take care of your hair. In our clinics between Italy and the United States, we provide you the best expertise of Dr. Cole twenty years experience and Dr. Insalaco studies and research to solve any problem related to your hair. Come and discover our specialties and ask for a free consultation!
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